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Versailles a Majestic Highlights

50.00 $

Embark on a full-day excursion with your expert local guide to the magnificent Palace of
Versailles. Your private tour begins at the resplendent Golden Gates, where your pre-booked tickets
await, allowing you direct entry to the palace. Versailles, once a humble hunting lodge, was
transformed into one of the world’s grandest royal residences by Louis XIV. Explore the opulent halls,
including the dazzling Hall of Mirrors and the State Apartments of the King.

Delve into the private
chambers of the royals, accompanied by captivating tales of the palace’s illustrious inhabitants.
Learn about the self-absorbed ‘Sun King’ Louis XIV, famously known as ‘the vainest man ever,’
and the Austrian princess Marie Antoinette, who sought refuge at the Petit Trianon, her exquisite
private palace set within lush gardens. Discover her intimate theater, referred to as ‘the jewel of
Versailles,’ and meander through her quaint Normandy village, a pastoral retreat designed to simulate
the simplicity of country life.
As you traverse the palace, stories of scandalous love affairs, royal mistresses, and gambling
will bring history to life. Explore the reactions of the French people to rumors of extravagance and
debauchery that ultimately led to the Revolution, ending the extravagant era of Versailles. Your palace
tour concludes as you step into the breathtaking gardens of Versailles, where your guide will provide
insights before bidding you farewell, allowing you to leisurely explore and marvel at the enchanting
What’s in the bag?
● Bypass the lengthy public entrance
queues with reserved, timed tickets.
● Experience the grandeur of the Palace of
● Explore the lavish Palace and Gardens of
Versailles with a knowledgeable guide
● Visit the King’s private chambers, the Hall
of Mirrors, and the Royal Chapel
● Immerse yourself in the enchanting private
realm of Marie Antoinette, including the
Petit Trianon, her Hamlet, farm, priceless
artworks, and aristocratic portraits
● Uncover the scandals and intrigues of the
Sun King’s courtiers
● Stroll through the magnificent gardens and
admire the captivating golden fountains
● Let’s Meet! Your seasoned tour guide will wait for you at your specified
meeting point (see voucher).
● Highlights of Versailles
● Au Revoir → Once you’ve had your share of the sights, you can stay as much
as you like inside Versailles.


2 Hours






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